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New Stoli® Vodka #DrinkWhatYouWant Digital Ad Campaign


In today’s world, cocktail choice is often driven by superficial stigmas and stereotypes that personify one’s manliness. This summer, Stoli®, THE Vodka, is encouraging millennial men to #DrinkWhatYouWant.  The Stoli #DrinkWhatYouWant campaign seeks to create a movement that celebrates men who challenge the status quo and are confident enough to drink what they want.

In support of the campaign, Stoli conducted a #DrinkWhatYouWant survey of 1,475 legal drinking age American consumers.  According to the #DrinkWhatYouWant survey, 74 percent of millennial men claim to like flavored cocktails; however, 63 percent claim to avoid them in public due to fear of scrutiny amongst their peers.  The survey findings also uncovered that:

  • 64 percent of millennial men feel that previous generations have an influence on what is trendy, cool or interesting
  • 53 percent of millennial men care what people think about them when ordering drinks compared to 7 percent of men who are boomers
  • 46 percent of millennial men agree that there is a negative stigma associated with men drinking flavored cocktails and that they are seen as a drink for women
  • 41 percent of millennial men think that drink choice is a reflection of their masculinity compared to Gen X (32 percent) and Boomer (15 percent) males

“As a bartender for the past 20 years, I see guys come in my bar all the time who are locked in to order ‘manly drinks’ like bourbon and beer, but their eyes and hesitant actions clearly show that they really want something that is flavorful, delicious and refreshing,” said Jeffrey Morgenthaler, award-winning mixologist and co-author of The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique.

“If you’re worried about whether your drink is masculine enough, you’re being absolutely ridiculous.  I always tell guys: there’s no such thing as a manly cocktail – drink what you like – which is why this campaign is so intriguing to me.”

Throughout the summer, Stoli will be encouraging millennial men across America to #DrinkWhatYouWant by celebrating individual authenticity and confidence through an integrated multimedia campaign that includes:

  • Digital Ad Campaign that features an anthem video and three shorter cocktail videos. In the series, a hero character overcomes self-doubt, stigmas and stereotypes to order the flavorful drinks he really wants
  • DrinkWhatYouWant.com will feature a series of videos with bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler and his rules for drinking in addition to Stoli® Vodka summer cocktail recipes
  • #DrinkWhatYouWant Instagram challenge for men to post photos of themselves drinking what they want using the hashtag

Tribeca Film Festival 2012 After-Party For Trishna, Hosted By Stolichnaya Vodka, At Hotel Chantelle - 4/27/12“We identified an insight that millennial men like flavored cocktails, but most aren’t always confident enough to order them in public amongst their peers,” said Russell Pareti, brand director, Stoli Group USA. “This campaign is challenging these stigmas and perceived gender roles that personify one’s manliness and is instead embracing a man’s choice to drink what they want, whether it is a Cosmopolitan or a Stoli Blueberi Lemonade.”

Later this summer, as part of the #DrinkWhatYouWant campaign, Stoli will release a series of extreme cocktailing videos featuring some of the world’s greatest extreme sports athletes who personify the #DrinkWhatYouWant spirit, making flavored cocktails in their own unique way.

Check out their video here.

Source: Stoli

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