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Oximacro® at Hi Europe

logo (2)One of the most innovative products in the range proposed byBiosfered is certainly Oximacro®.

Oximacro® is a cranberry powder and liquid extract with the highest content of Proanthocyanidins (PACs, 36%) on the market.

Its quality is assessed by DMAC and HPLC-MS/MS advanced analytical methods. Oximacro® levels of PAC A are >80%, providing a strong protection against UTI.

Oximacro® will the subject of an interesting seminar which Faravelli Group is sponsoring at Hi Europe, on the opening day of this important fair.

The seminar is titled Oximacro®, a new cranberry extract with 36% PACs tested with the DMAC method” and will featureProf. Massimo E. Maffei – R&D and Sales Director of Biosfered – as speaker.

If you wish to learn more about Oximacro and the whole Biosfered range of products, come to Hi Europe, visit us at stand D16, and attend our seminar on December 2, 2014, at 15:30


Source: Giusto Faravelli S.p.A. Press release

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