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Powdered Alcohol Is Safer Than Liquid Alcohol, Says Palcohol

Powdered Alcohol Is Safer Than Liquid Alcohol, Says PalcoholThe TTB approved Palcohol on March 10, 2015 and It is now legal to be sold in the United States. We will be working on getting the production facility up and running. It will take a while but hopefully it will be available soon.

While over 25 states have banned powdered alcohol, they acted without knowing anything about the product. Now we are able to reach legislators to tell them the many benefits of Palcohol as well as rebutting the false assertions by critics who know nothing about the product, legislators are acting more responsibly. Gov. Ducey of AZ vetoed the bill to ban powdered alcohol after he learned more about it. The bill to ban Palcohol in Florida just died in committee after we contacted the legislators. We will continue our uphill battle to inform legislators that banning Palcohol is not the answer.

A proposed ban of powdered alcohol in other states is denying millions of responsible adults and hundreds of businesses a chance to use this legal, safe and revolutionary new product that has applications in medicine, energy, hospitality, the military, manufacturing, etc. as well as reducing the carbon footprint by being so much lighter to ship than liquid alcohol.

Powdered Alcohol Is Safer Than Liquid Alcohol, Says Palcohol

Palcohol SAFER than liquid alcohol

Unfortunately, the media coverage has focused on the perceived negative aspects of powdered alcohol as a result of ignorance about the product. Remember, no one has ever tried Palcohol so all the criticisms are just speculation. Here are a few of the inaccurate statements:

1. People will snort it. I doubt it. People snort liquid alcohol and get drunk quickly which is why they do it. However, you can’t get drunk from snorting powdered alcohol because there’s too much powder and it’s very painful to snort. It’s cheaper, faster and less painful to get drunk on liquid alcohol

2. Powdered alcohol will make it easier to sneak into venues. Not true. A shot of liquid alcohol is 1/4 the volume of a shot of powdered alcohol so it’s much easier to sneak liquid alcohol into venues.

3. It will be easier to spike a drink. Not true. Liquid alcohol dissolves 30 times faster in a drink. And who spikes a drink with alcohol anyway? Typically a narcotic is used.

4. It’s super-concentrated. No it’s not. It has the same alcohol by volume as a standard mixed drink.​ You can drink liquid alcohol straight, at full strength which you can’t do with powdered alcohol.

5. Kids will get a hold of it easier. How? It will be sold in liquor stores just like liquid alcohol.

6. It’s appealing to underage drinkers. Just the opposite. The World Health Organization in their recent Global Status Report on Alcohol, stated that one of the main factors underage drinkers use in choosing what liquor to buy is cost. Palcohol is 15x more expensive than liquid alcohol so it’s not at all appealing to them.

7. Palcohol can be sprinkled on food to get someone drunk. Well, it can be sprinkled on food but it would be noticeable…..and it wouldn’t make anyone drunk. It’s unlikely that a person could consume enough food/powder to even equal one drink.

Powdered Alcohol Is Safer Than Liquid Alcohol, Says PalcoholSo you can see that all of the criticisms are just hyperbole created by people who have no knowledge of the product.

In summary, there is no good reason to ban powdered alcohol and there are plenty of reasons not to ban it. Palcohol needs to be made legal, regulated and taxed just like liquid alcohol. It’s the responsible thing to do to keep it out of the hands of children.

For more information visit Palcohol website.

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