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Sudwerk Brewing Co. launches flagship beer in Rexam cans

In an effort to make its flagship beer more accessible to consumers, Sudwerk Brewing Co. has introduced California Dry Hop Lager in Rexam 12 oz. cans. This is the first time the 25-year old brewery has canned one of its brews.

California Dry Hop Lager features a blend of pine and citrus hop aromas mixed with the crisp refreshment of a German Helles lager. This classic lager style is dry-hopped to create a unique, easy-drinking West Coast craft lager.

“The time was right for us to join the legion of craft brewers who have begun putting some of their beers in cans,” said Trenton Yackzan, co-owner, Sudwerk Brewing Co. “It’s a great way to expand our distribution and get new people to try our brand. Through our partnership with Rexam, we hope this move will help us attract an even broader audience for our innovative craft beers.”


Sudwerk Brewing Co. decided to try aluminum cans because their portability and durability make them better suited for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping and fishing. Aluminum cans are often permitted in places that don’t allow glass. Sudwerk also benefits from the additional inherent can advantages. Cans provide complete protection from light and oxygen, which helps preserve beer’s freshness longer. They are light-weight, which can reduce shipping costs. Cans are also the most sustainable beverage package in the world, recycled at more than double the rate of any other option.

Rich Grimley, president and CEO, Rexam BCNA, commented on Sudwerk’s expansion into cans. “Our cans are the perfect packaging choice to help the brewery reach additional consumers. They help the brand attract attention on store shelves, safeguard beverage integrity and deliver superior recycling, filling, distribution and retail display economics that will help build their brand and business.”

California Dry Hop Lager in cans is currently available at select retailers in California.


Source: Rexam Press Room

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