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TricorBraun Wins Twice in IoPP’s 2016 AmeriStar Package

TricorBraun Wins Twice in IoPP's 2016 AmeriStar Package

Source: TricorBraun

Facing the keen competition that is always part of the annual AmneriStar Package Awards Competition, TricorBraun this year won two awards. Judges selected the company’s Arta Tequila package as the winner in the beverage-alcoholic category, and its Smart Mouth mouthwash package as a winner in the Household category.

“It is especially gratifying to win in this competition,” said TricorBraun CEO Keith Strope in announcing the awards, “where we are judged by fellow packaging professionals.”

This is the ninth year since 2002 that TricorBraun has won at least one AmeriStar award.

The design of the Arta Tequila bottle is a reworking of an earlier Arta three-sided glass bottle with both structural and graphic changes that required significant engineering and design efforts. The triangular design, with sharp corners and large flat surfaces offered multiple opportunities for bottle failure during blowing. This was further exacerbated by embossed and debossed triangular designs that produced more sharp corners.

Re-shaping the earlier short, squat bottle to a slim, tall shape delivered a dramatic shelf presence and allowed space for four-color screened graphics to better project the Arta brand look. The bottle is topped with a triangular closure to complete the dramatic look of the bottle.

The Smart Mouth Mouthwash package is an innovative, sustainable and user-friendly package that keeps the unique mouthwash’s critical ingredients separate until they are used, then mixes them in proper balance as they are being poured.

TricorBraun Wins Twice in IoPP's 2016 AmeriStar Package

Source: TricorBraun

The new package replaces earlier packaging that had required two bottles, two pumps, a mixing cup and an instructional flyer to mix the separate ingredients properly and effectively. That required not only counter space but also a time-consuming mixing process.

Since the two liquids cannot be in contact until they activated just before use, the new bottle required two PETE bottles combined as one, with a dual dispensing closure. The single bottle with dual chambers allows the two liquids to pour evenly, simplifying home use, and also reduces required space requirements on the home counter and on the retail shelf.

TricorBraun helps bring customers’ new and existing products to market efficiently as one of the packaging industry’s largest suppliers of glass and plastic containers, closures, dispensers and tubes from over 40 locations throughout North America and internationally from London, England: Guangzhou, China; Hong Kong, and Mumbai, India.  The award-winning Design & Innovation center gives our customers forward-thinking service based on consumer insight, understanding of the markets and creative solutions. In addition, advisory services range from preliminary planning, manufacturing oversight to an array of innovative warehousing and logistics programs.

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