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WG Brewing Launches Wild Docta’ and Wild Sit Russ

WG Brewing Launches Wild Docta' and Wild Sit Russ

Source: WG Brewing

Nashville, TN-based WG Brewing Company – the first craft brewer to enter the hard soda category – has launched an alcoholic two-fer with the introduction of Wild Docta’ and Wild Sit Russ alcoholic sodas. These new brands join portfolio siblings Wild Ginger Alcoholic Beer and Wild Root Alcoholic Root Beer and double the size of the WG Brewing portfolio.

“We’ve been thrilled by the response to our small batch Tennessee products, and these two new flavors are ideal additions to our portfolio as we hit the summer months and expand into South Carolina, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine,” said WG Brewing Founder Jamey Grosser.

At the same time, WG Brewing products have been picked up by Publix Super Markets, which will be carrying the brands in stores throughout the south.

Wild Docta’ taps a nostalgic vein with its grown-up nod to Rock & Rye soda—a rich blend of vanilla, cherry and cola flavors that is ideal straight out of the can, on the rocks, or with a shot.  Wild Sit Russ takes America’s passion for lemon lime (citrus) soda and adds alcohol to make the ultimate alcoholic citrus soda.

“The formula for citrus soda was initially developed in Tennessee in 1940, and today that brand remains the market leader in the citrus category,” said Grosser. “I’m proud to continue that Tennessee tradition and give consumers an adult option of a beverage they grew up loving.

“Hard soda or soda beers are hot right now because they are the ultimate white board when it comes to exploring the flavor potential of beer,” Grosser continued.  “Until recently, we let the spirit brands control the flavor dialogue, but the WG Brewing portfolio, and particularly the additions of Wild Docta’ and Wild Sit Russ are giving beer lovers a breath of fresh air, while appealing to new consumers looking for sweet, but sessionable options.”

Both brands share WG Brewing’s distinctive label style with characters that evoke the company’s hip and slightly irreverent attitude.

Grosser learned the art of brewing from legendary Moonshiner Popcorn Sutton, and with his background in ingredient engineering is expanding his repertoire through a wide range of adult beverages.

The WG Brewing portfolio consists of Wild Docta’ Alcoholic Rock & Rye Soda (5% ABV), Wild Sit Russ Alcoholic Citrus Soda (4.5% ABV), Wild Ginger Alcoholic Ginger Beer (4% ABV) and Wild Root Alcoholic Root Beer (5% ABV). All are available in 12-ounce cans, with a suggested retail price of approximately $9.99.

WG Brewing Launches Wild Docta' and Wild Sit RussWG Brewing products are available in Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Based in Nashville, Wild Ginger Brewing Company redefines a Tennessee approach to brewing.  With a nod to his mentor and friend, Popcorn Sutton, Founder Jamey Grosser and his team combine small batch innovation, commitment and quality to create products with mass appeal.

Source: WG Brewing

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