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Product Description in Beverage Business: How to Nail it

Product Description in Beverage Business: How to Nail itA good product description can make or break a sale. A great description will make the customer eager to buy the product. It can have a great impact on your company’s revenues. In the beverage business, you need to write creative copy, one that gets your customer’s attention right from the start.

Here are a few tips you should consider when writing the next product description for your beverage company.

1.   Easy to Read and Attractive

According to Mark Spencer, Aussie Writings’ Writer “It’s very important to get your reader’s attention right from the start. You have roughly 6 seconds to do that. I recommend you use witty hooks to get their attention. Let’s pretend you are selling alcoholic beverages, such as beer, here’s a hook you can use “Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. Make her win Miss Universe!”.

Also, apart from getting your reader’s attention, is vital that you make the description easy to read. 90% of your customers won’t read the entire copy thus, is vital to highlight the most important elements in your description. For this, use different fonts, bullets, and numbers.

2.   Ingredients

Whether you are selling alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, your customers are very attentive to what you offer them. Is important to have a product description that describes your product exhaustively. Highlight the most important ingredients and the benefits they offer to your customers.

3.   Create a Story

The sales process is based on customers’ feelings, making it very subjective. For your product to be bought you need to create buzz around it. Imagine throwing a small rock into a lake, it won’t generate too many waves. But, if you throw a huge boulder, it’ll make a big splash.

The best way to create that big splash is by tickling your customers’ feelings. Create a story around your company, and make every product you have a character of that story.

4.   A/B Testing for the Win

Testing is a marketer’s best friend. Most of the time, the things you are trying to do, the approach you have towards your customers, are unique. At least, that’s how they should be, you need to be unique in order to get your customers’ attention. Beverages won’t sell themselves!

For you to see the way different approaches affect your customers’ buying habits, you should create multiple descriptions. For example, create 2 different descriptions for one of your beverages. Use them for one month each, see how things change.

By different, we don’t necessarily mean 100% unique, it could mean changing certain paragraph’s place. Place the ingredients right after the hook, then try to put your product’s story first. See how your customers react.

5.   SEO

During this article, we’ve focused our attention on an online beverage shop, we’ll talk in our next article about a bricks & mortar beverage business. This being said, you need to focus on the very prevalent SEO techniques found in the online world.

            You should focus your attention on the following aspects:

  • Finding the Most Suitable Keywords
  • Place the Keywords in Your Product’s Copy
    • Title
    • Headings(2, 3, 4, etc.)
    • 2,5-3,5% Keyword Density
  • Photo Meta Descriptions

Here are a few examples of how you should and shouldn’t create your description.

Look at this how not to example.

Product Description in Beverage Business: How to Nail it Product Description in Beverage Business: How to Nail itThe headline gets customer’s attention but, it doesn’t offer lots of information. The description is placed on the bottom of the ocean and you struggle to read that poorly written description. This is how you shouldn’t create and place your product’s description!

Another example of this is how your product description shouldn’t look is this Body Armor Blackout Berry.


Everything seems fine, until you bump into that cross-sale ad. The customer didn’t even manage to read that brief description and they are already trying to sell him one more product. Apart from that, this company took easy to read way too serious. It’s very short, it doesn’t offer information about ingredients and there’s no story behind it. People need information, remember that!

Now, let’s take a look at some good examples. Here’s the La Chouffe presentation.

Product Description in Beverage Business: How to Nail it

It might not have all the elements we’ve been talking about, such as a story behind it but, in 8-10 seconds you can find out everything you need to know about the product. Taste, ingredients, bullets, they are all there.

Another example you should consider is this Guinness Nigerian description.

Product Description in Beverage Business: How to Nail it

They’ve created an attractive description for their product, “…a beer like no other.” This description combines charming expressions with valuable information about the product, its ingredients, and production method. They make you want to buy this product!


The title will get your customer’s attention but, the product description is the one that will sell your product. It’s very important to have a description that is both informative and catchy, at the same time. Apart from offering information, it should create context and buzz around your product. Keep these tips in mind when creating your next product description, you won’t regret it!

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