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Brite – 100% Natural Productivity Boost

Brite - 100% Natural Productivity BoostOur generation are constantly distracted by tons of different media channels, advertisements and other time-consuming factors. Productivity is something hard to maintain, although it’s crucial to your daily task quality and quantity. People are looking for ways to increase and keep high level of productivity constantly. Today, I have the opportunity to talk to Andrius Ratkevičius, Co-Founder at Brite Productivity Drinks.

1. How did you come up with an idea of such drink as Brite?

I was managing complex projects at large corporate company in Scotland, and to maintain work quality under time pressure, caffeine was my daily fuel. This was fine, caffeine does work, but I have discovered a better way to consume it. Thanks to my education background in Chemical Engineering, I was able to develop a natural mix of ingredients that provided me with a much more effective productivity boost than coffee or energy drinks did. I then replaced coffee with that mixture, and consumed it for a long while before realizing that it could benefit many more people. A friend of mine experienced in developing concepts into successful businesses joined me to develop and launch the product. We are now sharing the benefits of the formulation with the world through Brite productivity drinks.

2. Brite has only one available flavors with a huge variety of different ingredients. Can you tell us more about the mixture of your product?

Brite is based on the natural synergy of caffeine and L-theanine. As the goal was to create a drink that actually works, we had to achieve sufficient concentrations of the active compounds. We chose four ingredients to achieve this: matcha, guarana, green tea and green coffee beans. A positive side effect of using these natural ingredients is that the drink is also packed with antioxidants that aid in resisting diseases and aging. To create a unique taste of nature, we spiked the drink with pineapple & mango juice. We will soon release raspberry with mint and lemon flavors.

3. There is no easy way of creating unique beverage brand. What challenges have you faced since the beginning of Brite creation?

Our main challenges included the development of the formulation that truly works and is not based on over-promising placebo claims. We also spent a long time sourcing the right ingredients from reputable suppliers around world. It took us time, but we achieved our goals. As we had something new and better to offer than what is on the market, the development road became easier as we received support from beverage development experts who agreed to be a part of the project.

4. Brite is 100% natural beverage without added sugar. In your opinion, what consumers are looking when it comes to functional products as Brite?

Not only does it avoid added sugar, Brite is also packed with antioxidants due to the potent natural ingredients. Consumers are selfish, and rightly so, want products that will benefit them in a noticeable way.

Brite - 100% Natural Productivity Boost5. What advantages does Brite have compared to other productivity boosters?

Brite is the only drink on the market that offers a 100% natural formulation based on the synergy of caffeine and L-theanine, and it actually works. In fact, a client removed a competing product to make space for Brite. Also, we feel that the white bottles are so much more suitable for productive environments as opposed to the colorful and confused looking options.

6. Knowing your target market is extremely important. Can you describe your target market? Where consumers are able to purchase Brite?

Our target market consists of every caffeine consumer on the planet. Brite is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve more during the day. To be more specific, our current customers range from corporate employees working at the big four banks, software and web developers at Google, freelancers who are living it up in Thailand, students, creatives and artists. Brite is available for worldwide delivery at our website. It is also available at carefully selected locations in London. We are avoiding rapid expansion help us protect the brand value.

7. Correct me if I’m wrong saying that Brite is another brand in nootropic beverage segment. Do you think the popularity of this type of drink will increase? Why?

Brite could be considered as a nootropic drink. This category of drinks is still young and current growth should increase with the increasing amount of evidence is provided for the benefits of nootropics. In fact, we list all the scientific studies that reveal the benefits of the caffeine and L-theanine synergy on our website. All of the studies are very recent.

Caffeine has been around a long time, but its consumption has not evolved. At the same time, we are doing more of everything, so it’s a good time to look at better ways to fuel our days.

8. Social media has become a huge part of our daily lives. In your opinion, social media channels has more advantages to our daily life or it’s an addictive tool to consume our time?

Brite - 100% Natural Productivity BoostThere are arguments for both sides. I think that as long as we have a choice on when and how we consume it, it is just another way to be informed about the world. In my case, I have discovered many interesting products, services, people, travel locations and ways of thinking that I may have missed out without social media.

9. What is your advice to other beverage startups?

Some small pieces of advice, that may be obvious, but should be followed: plan ahead, hire the best team for each work scope & do not compromise to develop the best possible product.

For more information visit Brite website.

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