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Electric Energy Straws – Infuse Your Body With Extra Energy

Electric Energy Straws - Infuse Your Body With Extra EnergyNowadays, life is fast as never before. Job, gym, active free-time and family takes a lot of energy each day. It’s no wonder why beverage industry is getting more electric energy drink startups. Today, I have the opportunity to speak to the Marketing team at Electric Energy Straws.

1. How did you come up with the idea of Electric Energy Straws?

Electric Energy Straws were developed during a long trip in Asia, where at the time, finding an. Energy Drink product was very difficult, and the concept of having an easy, light, on-the-go energy format was not only ideal, but important to those needing a boost when on the run. The beauty of the Straw was, it was easy to carry and consume, all you needed to do is ADD WATER…. and you would have an instant energy drink.

Considering our core focus, it did not take long to fully grasp the need for a “Bull” in a Straw, providing portability, convenience and even elegant enjoyment!

2. “An energy product like no other.” Could you tell us more about Electric Energy Straws?

As we looked closer at the market and conducted consumer research, it became clear that portability was a critical success factor that the straw would address.

In addition, we uncovered a large group of consumers, weighted toward women, that wanted the boost an energy drink provided, but not the exposure. These consumers just wanted the boost, but in an understated way, which was ideal for the straw.

Finally, the concept of having an energy straw that tasted great, could be enjoyed with pure water and was low in sugar and calories, again spoke to many consumers not wanting to fill up on large beverages that often are high in sugar and calories.

Electric Energy Straws - Infuse Your Body With Extra Energy3. Electric Energy Straws is a very interesting brand. Did you have any experience in beverage industry before Electric Energy Straws?

After a number of years the idea to branch out into functional ingredients like probiotics, vitamins and energy was developed to widen the audience from kids to a new market for adults.

4. Electric Energy Straws can go along with any type of beverage. However, which beverage is your favorite to drink your daily energy straw?

For me, it’s a cold glass or bottle of water, although I must say, when added to a coke, it gives an added boost, but the flavor is amazing!

5. Knowing your target market is one of many keys of success. Who is your target market?

Primary market is the on-the-go consumer, a little older then some of the core brands, and someone on the road, trying to stay energized, but also healthy.

The Secondary market, is women and the consumer searching for a more understated energy product that can be consumed without any attention – undercover in essence.

6. Electric is available on Amazon. Do you have plans to enter retail in the United States?

Yes, initially we are launching it on-line to gain exposure, but there is a big push to get it into retail, specifically the convenience channel, while also pursuing the restaurant / entertainment facilities in parallel.

7. Where do you see Electric Energy Straws 5 years from now?

We see electric energy straws with broad market acceptance and distribution, with multiple flavors in retailers, vending machines, restaurants, and entertainment facilities throughout the US.

Electric Energy Straws - Infuse Your Body With Extra EnergyWe expect to expand the market, capturing a good number of core consumers, but growing the reach of the category and expanding the market size by capturing the consumer that needs portability, along with the consumer that has stayed out of the market often to avoid attention – these consumers want to enjoy the product in the open, but discreetly.

8. What advice can you give to those who have an idea of starting their own beverage company?

Make sure it is a passion of everyone in the company, and that you have a never give up attitude! This along with a clear understanding of the market and the role your product will play, are very important to succeeding.

For more information visit Electric Energy Straws website.

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