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bfresh spitiko Now Available in Denmark

bfresh spitiko Now Available in Denmarkbfresh spitiko started new strategic partnership with the Danish company Espresso Systems ApS. Through this cooperation, a new commercial path launched for bfresh spitiko at Nordics. Through partners’ network of Espresso Systems, bfresh spitiko products are now available in the best cafés, bars, restaurants and hotels of Denmark.

An ambitious step towards extroversion for bfresh spitiko that aims to expand in European countries through partnerships that follow the same philosophy for providing quality products and optimal services. Specifically, this commercial cooperation is aligned with company’s vision; bfresh spitiko products to be available abroad and consumers to love them with the same passion as it already happens in European countries like Greece, Germany and Cyprus.

Consumer preferences indicate that Danish show enthusiasm for the fresh tastes of bfresh spitiko products; among them bio lemonade with ginger & agave, bio lemonade with chilly & agave and pomegranate with green tea.

Espresso Systems ApS. owns a partners network at the best HORECA spots of Denmark, exclusively importing premium products. During the last 30 years selects the best products offering high quality and expertise to food and beverage establishments of the danish market. The company imports exclusively for Denmark the following premium brands: Illy espresso, Monbana chocolate, Ronnefeldt tea and also the espresso machines Rancilio.

Through the partnership with bfresh spitiko, Espresso Systems ApS. is adding to its range of products, a new innovative product free from preservatives and sugar, which replies to the global concept of healthy lifestyle. At the same time, bfresh spitiko incorporates an additional strategic partner into commercial representatives network that offer premium products to high-end spots of danish market.

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