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Herbal Natural Drink – A warrior Against Stress

Herbal Natural Drink - A warrior Against StressStressful life-style is one of the main reasons for variety of illnesses and difficulties having a balance in daily life. There are a bunch of tools to decrease stress level and take back the control of your life. Increasing demand of stress relief options created a perfect niche for herbal drinks with a power of relaxation. Today, I have the pleasure of talking with Hamid Kazemi – CEO & Founder at Herbal Natural Drinks.

1. Every brand has an interesting story. How did the whole story of Herbal Natural Drink start?

All the time I was suffering from a wave of ideas and thoughts during the night time. I couldn’t turn off my head to get so good night sleep. Probably, it’s a casualty for every entrepreneur. I was always trying to find a new and creative way for our business and startups. And at this time I got to know several natural herbs which could help me to relax and get calm. I am not a fan of drugs or any supplements which are in pharmacies and drug stores. And as I prefer the liquid form of consuming the herbs I decided to go with a soft drink which can calm you down.

2. Herbal Natural Drink has only one flavor – a combination of main ingredients: jasmine and Valerian. Can you tell us more about taste notes? Are you planning to launch new flavor in the future?

To be honest we decided to choose Green Apple flavor because of the purity of this fruit. It’s a symbol of health and has so many benefits for humans. Luckily, you hardly can find someone who doesn’t like apple flavor and that’s why we started with this. Our sugar free drink will be in same taste and flavor as Right now, our product development team works on a new functional drink which will have a new flavor and taste as well.

3. Creation of beverage product has many challenges. What are the biggest difficulties you have faced?

For those people who are not active in this industry, it might seem to be easy to start your own beverage product line. However, you will face so many challenges, and if I have to name the biggest challenge for us, it would be the building of network for the distribution. Usually these networks are built in long terms and entering them with even a very good and high quality product takes time and effort. After you have your product ready, the main and the hardest task is to get started the journey from marketing to sales. Our team managed to build a very decent plan for challenges related to distribution.

4. I just fell in love with Herbal Natural Drink packaging. Who help you to develop such an attractive can label?


Herbal Natural Drink - A warrior Against Stress

hank you for your nice comment regarding our packaging.  We hear this often and people love that our product looks differently on the shelf next to other products. The color theme and elements which we used makes you calm and relaxed even without opening the can. The goal is to make our customers feel ease. Next to color theme and elements like moon we also used herbs to show that we aren’t using anything artificial in our beverages.

If you look at our logo, you will see our concept perfectly shown: natural leaf, drop and sunset color theme. This packaging is a masterpiece created by our talented design team.

5. Looking at your website it seems that Herbal Natural Drink is only available in Hungary. Are you planning to enter any other country any time soon?

Hungary is our base country and that’s why we are accepting online orders within the country. However, our long-term plan is to extend to other Europe countries and continents as well. We have reached some agreements and soon news will be out.

6. There is a section on the website with tips of how to get a perfect sleep. In your opinion, why our generation doesn’t know how to cope with stress levels?

This is a very complex theory. It’s like a chain of issues and conditions which leads to high stress level and sleeping issues. Bad habits and diet has a big role in this matter as well.

7. Knowing your target market is a crucial key of success. Who is Herbal Natural Drink target market?

Our target market is anyone who would like to experience relaxing moments and deep sleep at nights. From professional athletes and entrepreneurs to students and anyone with stress and sleeping issues.

8. What is your advice to other beverage startups?

Luckily people are getting more educated day by day. It’s important to make sure your formula makes people life healthier and solve an issue or bring some health value. Today, people are getting tired of typical unhealthy soft drinks with loads of sugar and artificial ingredients. Consumers are looking for better alternatives. That’s why beverage startups and companies are now focused on healthy functional drink. I wish luck for all people in this tough industry.

For more information visit Herbal Natural Drink website.

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