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Success Story of Uncle Matt’s Juice

Success Story of Uncle Matt's Juice

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Juice has always been an inseparable component of many people’s daily routines. Nowadays consumers have a wide choice of different juices in local stores and supermarkets. Due to high consumption, competition is even greater. This is why companies have been promoting their beverage products which contain only organic fruit and no GMOs. Today, I have an opportunity to talk with Matt McLean, the owner of Uncle Matt’s.

Uncle Matt’s juice company was established almost 2 decades ago. Since then it has grown into a well-known juicery in U.S. Did you ever dream that your company would grow into one of the biggest juice market players in U.S. ?

It’s been an exciting journey so far. We had hopes that Uncle Matt’s would grow and that our organic farming practices – and thus organic juices – would be desirable to consumers. As a family-owned company, we practice what we preach. We grow, produce, and market organic products that not only taste good, but are free of synthetic pesticides, flavor packets, and GMOs. We think in today’s marketplace, this message of transparency and sustainable practices resonates with consumers.

Has your company overcome any difficulties since it was established? What were they?

Of course. Every company has obstacles it has to overcome in order to sustain for the future. In agriculture, there are a plethora of daily difficulties; from pests to weather to disease. We have survived and replanted after freezes, we have staved off the harsh realities of citrus canker, and now we’re battling the devastating effects of citrus greening disease. Citrus greening disease has proven a large obstacle that we’re still grappling with. As organic citrus growers, it is our desire to work with mother nature to help the tree defend itself and survive. We’re working with the brightest minds in the country to try and find a cure. It’s our hope that one will be found soon.

Success Story of Uncle Matt's Juice

Source: Uncle Matt’s

Uncle Matt’s has increased it‘s variety of products with cold pressed probiotic water. Can you tell us what exactly probiotic water is? What advantage does probiotic water offer compared to organic juice?

Our Fruit Infused Probiotic Waters are pure filtered water blended with real, organic citrus juices along with real peel. The peel and pulp contain healthy antioxidants the body needs. What’s more, our GanedenBC30® probiotic has been proven through clinical trials to bolster immunity, enhance digestion and boost protein absorption, so our waters are a super choice for any time of day, including before or after a workout.  As far as the advantages, these are two different beverages. For consumers wanting a low calorie, low sugar option that’s an alternative to boring water, we think these are a great choice. Obviously with our organic juices you’re intaking a greater bevy of nutrients, but there are more calories. We do not add any sugar to our organic orange juices.

Juice companies are dependent on fruit harvests. Do you think owning a juice company is a risky business?

Any entrepreneurial venture is always risky, and agriculture is no different. You’re at the mercy of so many outside factors that you cannot control given weather issues, diseases and pests that can affect crops. At the same time, it’s incredibly fulfilling to be part of a growing movement that is recognizing how important our food system is – and how organic can change the landscape of how our food is grown and produced.

Can you describe your company’s values and aspirations?

Uncle Matt’s Organic is a family owned company, so our values center around fueling families with healthy nutrition. As an Uncle to 11 nieces and nephews, I am personally committed to only producing the healthiest organic juices and produce to our customers.

In your opinion, why are people searching for organic and healthy food and beverage products? Why it is so important to younger generations?

Uncle Matt's Nothin’ But The Juice

Source: Uncle Matt’s. Photo: McLean Photography

Consumers –– and younger generations –– are very aware of what is in their food. As they’ve become more educated about our food system and have had revelations about how our food is grown and produced, it is often a startling realization. In turn, they have made the conscious decision to support organic companies and farms that are growing our food sustainably. As more and more voices challenge how our food is produced, change will occur.

What trends have you noticed in today’s beverage market?

Beverages have continued to evolve to be more functional in nature.  You are seeing trends in probiotics and protein that are offered in new formats with traditional and exotic fruits.  Our orange juice with turmeric and probiotics is a good example of a traditional juice combined with two functional ingredients that enhance the value and efficacy of the standard orange juice offering.  Vegetable juices continue to be on trend with the consumers responding to beverages that are a variety of leafy greens by themselves or mixed with fruit to help with flavor and sweetness.

Fpr more information visit Uncle Matt’s website.

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