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The Story Behind French Beverage Brand UMÀ

The Story Behind French Beverage Brand UMAUMÀ is a range of 100% natural iced teas created by two Parisians. We’ve already reviewed three different tastes in UMÀ’s product line here, and now we’re interested in the story behind the great taste and tasteful packaging. Today, I have the pleasure of talking to one of UMÀ’s cofounders, Simon-Reza Vaner.

How did you come up with the idea of UMÀ?

After our studies (Paul in Asia and Berlin for me) we came back with a lot of inspirations and we automatically made the same simple observation : the French beverages market was pretty timorous while there was an original and creative culinary movement. The search of diversity motivated us to create a new and different product. So we started by creating the energy drink, which we imagined as a drink for all the moments of the day and as a true alternative to other energy drinks.

It’s unfortunate that your website doesn’t have an English version. Can you tell us what UMÀ means?

Yes, we’re sorry about that, it will be available very soon !

Umà has three etymological meanings. First it comes from Umanu in Corsican (Paul has strong Corsican roots) where it means Human. Our brand is a friends adventure and range of healthy and crafty products !

The second meaning comes from Hinduism because Uma is the spouse of Shiva. We were very inspired by the ayurvedic medicine because of its eternal search of well being.

Last but not least, the third meaning comes from Umami, the fifth flavor discovered by the Japanese. Umà is a brand of original and beautiful drinks !

UMA is a range of iced teas, with four different flavours and stylish packaging. In a market full of iced teas, what makes UMÀ stand out?

UMÀ takes shape around the concept of simplicity. This process is done through the infusion of a plant, a spice and a fruit simply corrected with a hint of honey, an artisanal manufacturing process and sleek packaging. This simplicity results in a range of beverages made in France that are natural with no colorings, no preservatives or artificial flavors and low in calories.

The Story Behind French Beverage Brand UMAUMÀ is made from high quality raw material such as real tea leaves , grown and harvested using traditional methods from around the world. They come from supply chains developed with agricultural cooperatives practicing responsible farming.

In other words, UMÀ is unique and subtle and it is the first french upmarket iced teas brand.

As I understand it, UMÀ is available only in France. Are you planning to expand into other countries?

We are focusing on the French market at the moment. There are a lot of possibilities here and it would be unfortunate to jump over the steps so quickly. But we saw a lot of people abroad interested in our brand and we would be very happy to see Umà grow in the upcoming months !

With every new season, many brands introduce new flavours to their clients. Are you planning to release any new flavours?

We expanded our range only 10 months ago which is already a great thing for a young startup. But the answer to your question is yes ! We have a lot of ideas and we will be happy to achieve some of them very soon. We are building an e-shop and working on new products. Surprises to come !

What are the major difficulties, if any, that UMÀ has faced since its launch?

Creating a new brand and finding our place on a competitive market is full of challenges but you always learn something different from each of them !

If I had to choose one particular moment, I would say the crowdfunding campaign. It was much harder than I thought but once it is done it is a huge relief. And it permitted us to product our new drinks.

I also remember when we used (no so long ago actually) to deliver our customers with the scooter. Epic time.

Based on your experience as a startup, do you have any advice to people who dream of starting a beverage company?

Who could have such an idea !

On a serious note, I would just give one advice: keep your eyes opened because the inspiration is all around us. And that’s the best way to create novelties !

For more information visit UMA website.

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