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Aqua Carpatica Natural Spring Water

Aqua Carpatica Natural Spring WaterAqua Carpatica Natural Spring Water transports you to another time and place with its pure, fresh taste. Sourced from deep inside the Carpathian mountains in an ancient, untouched spread of Romanian forest, this water is truly unlike any other. Millions of years of volcanic activity have purified this water at the source, and it’s bottled without alteration. Nature’s perfect water needs no alteration! When you take a sip of ice cold Aqua Carpatica Natural Spring water you can practically feel yourself walking through the snowy mountain forests full of fir, pine, and spruce trees. The taste is smooth, refreshing, and unparalleled, with absolutely no detectable aftertaste.

The natural spring this water is sourced from doesn’t just give it it’s impeccable flavor. This spring is also naturally nitrate free, naturally alkaline, naturally sodium free, and contains natural electrolytes and calcium. Aqua Carpatica Natural Spring water doesn’t just taste great…it may actually be healthier for you than other water! They say this water is naturally enriched with a high level of bicarbonates, which are beneficial for healthy digestion. Aqua Carpatica could actually help to decrease excess acidity in the stomach, making it the perfect mealtime accompaniment for those who often suffer from acid reflux or heartburn! Take in the healing waters of the Carpathian mountains!

The clean and refreshing taste of Aqua Carpatica Natural Spring Water is echoed in the minimalist and modern packaging design. Packaged in a sophisticated recyclable plastic bottle with squared edges, the label features a wilderness design that transports you to the beautiful and awe-inspiring source for this spring water. Aqua Carpatica offers not only superior taste and feel, but also package design that will look great on any shelf or table. This is refreshment like never before!

For more information visit Aqua Carpatica Natural Spring Water & Salacious websites.

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