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7 Drinks You Should Try While You Are In Spain

7 Drinks You Should Try While You Are In SpainA country with music in its soul, diverse wild landscapes, beautiful cliffs and a love for fine food, Spain is nothing but simply stunning and exciting. While it definitely has a lot to offer in terms of food, heritage and culture, one simply cannot miss out on the plethora of drinks and beverages that the country is famous for.

Thus, when in Spain, you must make sure to get your hands on these 7 amazing drinks that will surely leave you craving for more:


One of the most popular drinks in Spain with a great cultural value, Sangria is a true staple in Spain and when it comes to drinks, no drink is more identifiable with Spain than this one. It is a delicious mixture of sweetened red wine, sparkling lemonade and liquor, and is perfect to go with your lunch on a sunny afternoon.

Over time, many different versions of Sangria have been introduced and, hence, modern-day Sangria may also include fruits such as oranges and lemon, along with lime soda and ice. The drink is prepared in large bowls or big serving containers so that it can be shared easily. This makes it perfect to have at parties with a large group of friends who sit together and drink together.

Ague de Valencia

Incorporating the world-famous Valencian oranges, Ague de Valencia is a drink that is one of a kind! That perfect combination of orange juice, cava, gin and vodka is possibly unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

It has a sweet and tangy taste that will unwind all your stress and give you a refreshing start after a long day of travelling around in Valencia. Not to mention, the gorgeous orange-yellow color of the drink reflects Valencia’s stunning coastline overlooking the beautiful sun.


While this drink may be Italian, it holds a long history in Spain and is quite the ‘trending’ drink there. There are specialized vermouth bars all over the various cities where each bar and café comes up with their own version on the drink. It is a type of a sweet, fortified and aromatized wine that comes in both red and white and is often served with a slice of orange or a piece of olive. It also features various botanicals and aromatic herbs’ barks and roots.

Vermouth is the perfect drink to have prior to your main meal of the day.


This should be your go-to drink if you are in Spain during summers and can easily be found in various ice cream parlors or horchatarias around the country. It is a cool, creamy drink for the summer season made with tiger nut milk which is squeezed from the tiger nut, a small vegetable root. Along with that, it is also often mixed with cinnamon to give it a spice kick.


This is more like a Spanish wine which comes 7 Drinks You Should Try While You Are In Spainin both white and rose varieties. It is refreshing and a bubbly beverage which is served cold and is commonly mixed with a variety of different fruits to give it a rich, fruity flavor.

Cava is made using Macabeu, which is a primary grape used in Cava production. This grape has a lemony flavor with floral aromatics that gives the drink a slightly bitter aftertaste. The other two grapes used in Cava also provide it with zesty citrus flavors and rich floral aromas. It also comes in various different styles, each of which features a different set of ingredients that make the drink a delicious Spanish delicacy.


If you happen to be in Andalucía during the festival season in spring or summer, all you will see is Rebujito making its rounds to the hordes of people as they enjoy devouring this light carbonated drink. It is a kind of a cocktail or a mixed drink made using white sherry and Sprite or lemon soda. This blend of dry sherry and lemon-lime flavor makes the drink refreshing and crisp – perfect to beat the Andalusian heat.


This simple yet unique drink is basically a concoction popularly made in the Basque country. It is a delicious combination of red wine and coca-cola which may come across as super simple but is equally amazing.

Sporting a different, sweet and tart flavor, Kalimotxo is very common among young Spaniards who love to drink it at the Botellon, a large get together where people come together to dance and drink. It is usually served in short glass tumblers with lots of ice and you may even notice variations in the drink with other additions like blackberry liqueur or orange soda.

If you are a fitness fanatic whose go-to drinks are those energy or workout drinks and supplements like allmax or vega protein, you must try these drinks whenever you are in Spain for they will be an absolute treat for your taste buds!

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