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Health-Ade Kombucha Launches Six New Flavors

Health-Ade Kombucha Launches Six New FlavorsHealth-Ade Kombucha, the bubbly, delicious kombucha you can feel good about drinking, today reaffirmed its dedication to supporting the real food movement. With newly upgraded internal capabilities, making the manufacturing and brewing process more efficient, and factoring in consumer asks and retail trends, Health-Ade announced it will roll out six new flavors this year, across retail channels, starting this summer. The new flavors, each of which is Certified Organic, Non-gmo, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Raw and Kosher include:

  • Cherry Berry, made with sweet cherry, elderberry and hibiscus
  • Grapefruit, brewed with pink grapefruit with a splash of blood orange
  • Tropical Punch, a true “punch” flavor with a tropical twist
  • Passionfruit-Tangerine, with fruits sourced from Peru and the U.S., respectively
  • Strawberry-Lemonade, just like it sounds – strawberry lemonade meets kombucha
  • Peach-Mango, tasting like a fresh and juicy peach, with the mango lending just the right amount of sweetness and depth

“Developing new flavors is not only an integral part of the Health-Ade business model, but it’s one of my favorite processes,” said Daina Trout, CEO and Co-Founder of Health-Ade, who is the final taste tester of any new Health-Ade product. “We found ourselves with an opportunity to bolster our flavor variety; sourcing inspiration from colors, we set out to recreate popular notes seen in other beverage categories, that have yet to be fermented and turned into kombucha. Our primary goal is to make things that taste great and make you feel great above all else–that’s the Health-Ade difference.”

In addition to the new flavors, the hand-made and fermented in super-small 2.5-gallon batch kombucha that consumers have come to know, enjoy and expect from Health-Ade, will be available to them and retailers in new ways, allowing for greater consumption occasions. Health-Ade will be rolling out and testing different sizing and packaging varieties in markets across the nation. One such variety includes the 8oz 4 packs of Pink Lady Apple, Ginger Lemon and Pomegranate which will be available at Whole Foods Markets, nationwide, beginning in May (MSRP $9.49). Consumers can use the store locator on Health-Ade’s website to find retailers near them.

“We started Health-Ade with a small credit card and a big dream–and our 16-ounce amber glass bottles have been with us from day one. They’ve become a signature for us, a point of recognition and status.  We’ve always met our consumers where their lifestyle points are so by expanding our size offerings, Health-Ade will continue to inspire and fuel customers, as they go after their most game changing goals–no matter where their journeys bring them,” said Vanessa Dew, Chief Sales Officer and Co-Founder of Health-Ade.

Consumers may have also seen new labeling on Health-Ade’s Superfood Kombucha line of teas, which was done in an effort to modernize and differentiate the two lines–giving the former a “pop” of color. The Superfoods tea line is still handcrafted the Health-Ade way, in super-small 2.5-gallon batches and made from cold-pressed juice from organic product. The distinction is the addition of exotic flavors and botanical additivities—each of which is thought to be linked to or known for a specific health benefit. The line currently includes Bubbly Rose, Maca-Berry and Power Greens with Cherry Berry, slated for inclusion upon launch.

“For the past seven years, we at Health-Ade have held fast to the belief that if you always follow your gut, the result will be happiness,” said Justin Trout, Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Health-Ade. “Our guts have not led us astray yet.”

Source: Health-Ade Kombucha

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