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Natural Bliss Expands Plant-Based Options

Natural Bliss Expands Plant-Based OptionsThe natural bliss line of all-natural dairy and plant-based creamers is unveiling two new dairy-alternative creamers designed to bring simple bliss to each morning.

The new natural bliss Half and Half blend of almond milk and coconut cream, and natural bliss Oat Milk creamer prove that life’s not about having it all, it’s about choosing what matters. Easy-to-pronounce ingredients like almond milk, coconut cream and natural vanilla flavor with extracts from Madagascar vanilla all go into the new offerings from natural bliss. Each flavor is specially crafted to offer 100% natural bliss, 100% of the time.

“We know the right ingredients matter, and our natural bliss creamers simply use what’s needed to give people ways to experience delicious moments every day,” said Jason Merideth, Director of Marketing for natural bliss. “With rising interest in plant-based products, our two new non-dairy options are suitable for dietary restrictions and preferences, and they allow consumers to feel great about the choice they make each morning.”

New Options Featuring Milk Alternatives

  • natural bliss Plant-Based Half and Half – Made with half almond milk and half coconut cream, this non-dairy option puts a creamy, plant-based twist on classic coffee creamer. The best part? The unsweetened flavor has zero grams of sugar, while the Vanilla flavor only has 2 grams of sugar per serving.
  • natural bliss Oat Milk creamer – Made with real oat milk, cane sugar and natural vanilla flavor, new plant-based natural bliss Oat Milk creamer adds a creamy goodness to every cup. This non-dairy option is great for those who have dietary restrictions but still want a simple, rich addition to their beverage.

Also Coming to Shelves This Year

  • natural bliss Toasted Coconut –Made with real milk and cream and extracts of real coconut, natural bliss Toasted Coconut creamer invites coffee drinkers to break the day-to-day routine and take a moment for themselves as they enjoy the taste and smells of a tropical oasis.

Source: Nestle USA

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