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Patented Swiss Technology Delivers Superior Tasting Espresso, Coffee and Tea

Patented Swiss Technology Delivers Superior Tasting Espresso, Coffee and TeaCreated with exacting Swiss technology, Renato’s is a patented, premium-quality, single-serve coffee and tea brewing system that delivers superior tasting espresso, coffee, and tea beverages with ease and convenience at home or the office. Launching today, Renato’s’ Kickstarter campaign will offer consumers the opportunity to directly purchase Renato’s with a starter pack of 100 coffee and espresso capsules at a $250 reward level. Kickstarter reward levels range from $1 to $700 (excluding shipping costs) and shipping will begin in July 2019.

Renato’s is distinguished by its versatile, multi-functional brewing options, including customization of cup sizes, and the ability to enjoy aromatic and flavorful teas using convenient capsules filled with the finest quality coffee expertly roasted in Italy, and high quality tea leaves.

For extraordinary value and price savings, Renato’s will be available to consumers directly from the factory, eliminating “middleman” costs and upcharges from distributors or retailers. Online subscriptions can be customized and managed at any time for convenient monthly delivery of capsules, and 24-hour customer service will be available online or by phone for assistance.

Designed by a seasoned team of coffee experts in Switzerland, Renato’s utilizes acclaimed Swiss technology to ensure precise single-serve brewing results for espresso and coffee beverages at the push of a button. The generously sized 50.7-ounce capacity, removable and front loading water tank offers easier access and less frequent refilling. An alert system advises when the water tank is nearing empty, which avoids running the motor without water and potentially causing damage to the machine. Consumers will have the ability to customize strength and volume of espresso and coffee beverages with various cup sizes.

For convenience, Renato’s offers a quick heating, fast-brewing function and the option to connect the water tank to a water source for continuous refilling. A heat plate located at the top of Renato’s pre-heats cups and automatic capsule ejection prevents messy drips. The large capacity empty capsule container holds up to 30 capsules at a time and alerts when the container is full. An energy-saving mode activates after 15 minutes of inactivity and can be activated manually.

Handsomely styled in classic black, Renato’s is lightweight, easy to transport and compact with a deep and narrow profile.

Renato’s espresso, coffee and tea capsules are produced in Italy in partnership with the highly regarded espresso and coffee manufacturer, Cecchetto. High quality coffee beans for the espresso and coffee capsules are expertly roasted in a small town outside Milano. Perfect roasting, grinding and blending ensures consistent aroma, body and structure, cup after cup. Eco-friendly, patented-design capsules, which can be safely recycled or incinerated, are made of polypropylene and reduced to a minimum weight of 2.2 grams per capsules for the least amount of plastic. Only one capsule size is needed for all beverage cup sizes for savings and convenience, and a variety of premium espresso, coffee and tea capsules are now offered with new options available over time.

Source: Renato’s

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