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Susosu Water Unveils English Pouches For Two Year Anniversary

Susosu Water Unveils English Pouches For Two Year AnniversarySince March of 2018, Susosu Water has been packaged in a unique aluminum pouch with Korean letterings. This upcoming March 2020, for their two year anniversary in business, Susosu Water is releasing their long-awaited English packaging.

“We are very excited to announce that our English packaging will be released mid-March! We think it will be very vital to the expansion of our brand as it will help customers understand the benefits of drinking Susosu Hydrogen Water,” said Jheen Oh, co-founder and chief executive officer of Susosu Water. “We are looking to continue our online presence but expand on our distribution as well, and having our packaging in English will allow us to secure more accounts.”

Susosu Hydrogen Water is all-natural premium mineral water from the springs of Uiseong, South Korea, infused with extra molecular hydrogen for many health benefits. Since the start of Susosu Water in 2018, they have been packaged in an environmentally-friendly aluminum pouch. As the healthy and organic market grows along with the awareness of hydrogen water, Susosu Water believes an informative packaging in English is necessary to help consumers understand the product and the value it brings to their health.

Source: Susosu Water

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