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Mooala Expends To The Eastern Part Of U.S.

Mooala Expends To The Eastern Part Of U.S.A massive Mooala expansion is hitting the Northeast, as the popular dairy alternative brand grows its footprint beyond the Southwest. Mooala’s dairy-free Bananamilk and Almondmilk product lines will now be available in more than 800 stores along the East Coast, representing a 40 percent increase in Mooala’s existing U.S. distribution.

“We are thrilled about Mooala’s growth on the East Coast,” said Mooala Founder and CEO Jeff Richards. “It’s important that families who are nuts for Mooala don’t have to drive to another zip code to find us.”

In addition to Wegmans and ShopRite, Mooala’s dairy-free beverages will now be available in Ahold grocery stores in 10 states as well as the District of Columbia. The expanded distribution encompasses Giant and Stop & Shop stores in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. The expansion makes Mooala available in approximately 1,500 retailers throughout the U.S.

Mooala has seen its popularity soar in recent months, earning praise from Popsugar, Food & Wine, even The Motley Fool, among other pop culture sources. Richards attributes the organic frenzy to the market’s need for a quality dairy-free alternative.

“It’s why we started the business,” he said. “We wanted to create a fun brand centered on real, organic ingredients at a family-friendly price point. It just didn’t exist in the marketplace.”

Mooala is created with simple ingredients. The dairy-free beverages are tasty, organic alternatives to the existing products that proliferate dairy shelves – most of which are not USDA-certified organic – and finally give those with lactose intolerance or nut-free diets a delicious option with uncompromised quality. For example, Mooala Original Bananamilk is nut-free and dairy-free, fusing pureed bananas and roasted sunflower seeds with a dash of cinnamon and salt, and no added sugar.

Mooala’s whimsical, family-friendly packaging features a cute koala bear, and appeals to kids and families with expanded flavors and recipes for a growing fan following throughout the country.

Source: Mooala

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