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New Coconut Water Rehydration Drink Hits UK Shelves

rangergb_webA new rehydration drink powered by coconut water and naturally containing all five essential electrolytes* has been introduced to the UK market. Targeted at the booming coconut water market and wellbeing beverage sector, Coco5 is a highly backed brand, developed by a team of top American professional sports medicine and nutrition experts and is one of the fastest growing coconut water brands in the USA.

Now set to make waves on UK shores, Coco5 is available in six flavours, including natural coconut, tropical passion, lemon, cherry crush, citrus splash and pineapple. The drink is made with no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours and contains just 80 calories per 473ml bottle.

The brand is being headed up by Steve Barton, former director of wine company Brand Phoenix. Since leaving Brand Phoenix, Barton has set up Innovation Drinks under which he is trading Coco5. As well as having big ambitions for the brand in the UK, Barton and the USA brand owners have also got significant plans for an international roll out – a global team has been assembled to activate the international plans. Next month, Coco5 is set to hit shelves in six markets including Australia, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. Further international market launches are set to be announced shortly.

Coco5 is an innovative all natural coconut water based rehydration drink developed by a team of professional National Ice Hockey League sports medicine experts and sports nutritionists determined to invent a healthier drink for professional athletes and physically active people of all ages.

“The health benefits of coconut water are well documented; we enhance our offer by providing naturally flavoured drinks. Given the importance of taste when rehydrating, we are certain this will be a key selling point. We know that a brand’s aesthetic appeal on shelf has been an important factor in the sports drink category and we hope the vibrant colours and packaging of Coco5 will be appealing amidst an exceptionally well marketed competitive set.”

With sports enthusiasts a key target audience for the brand, Coco5 has launched a nationwide sampling programme at 150 rugby clubs, gyms and health and fitness outlets. Coco5 already has the support of several renowned UK sports stars including Sir Ian McGeechan, Kenny Logan, Gary Gold and Neil Best.²

Kenny Logan comments: “Coco5 is a fantastic solution for active people. As a former sports professional, I am more than aware of the importance of rehydrating during and after sport. Many of the drinks available on the market are full of sugar whereas Coco5 has a clean, refreshing taste that doesn’t make your mouth feel sticky. It has some naturally occurring sugars derived from the coconut water in order for the critical electrolytes to be absorbed by the body effectively and is far more palatable than some other sports and energy drinks. Being naturally low in calories is also another major bonus.”

The launch of Coco5 is being supported by a significant marketing campaign which includes sampling activity, PR and a global social media campaign.

With the convenience sector continuing to grow, up 118%¹ in the last year and a prime market for single serve and on-the-go products, Barton sees this sector as a major opportunity for the brand. With 25,000 relevant outlets in this sector, the brand has a clear strategy in place to maximise sales from the on-the-go customer. Similarly, forecourts are a key target having witnessed significant organic growth of sports, energy and rehydration drinks in thepast year.

“We have a particularly strong proposition for the convenience market and have secured a high level of interest from buyers. From 1st May, a number of national and regional convenience retailers will be stocking the brand and we look forward to seeing Coco5 build in terms of both value and volume across the UK off-trade. We see the huge growth in online as crucial in supporting the brand’s growth too. As such and with Amazon growing in the UK by 13% year on year, we will initially be launching the brand via Amazon.co.uk.”

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