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Success Story of Bliss Juice and Their Cleanse Program

Success Story of Bliss Juicery and Their Cleanse Program

Source: Bliss Juice official website

Nowadays, there are so many different choices when it comes to juice products. From well known tetra-packed juices made from juice concentrate to natural, high quality balance juice smoothies. Today, I am talking with Louise Disley Founder & Director of Bliss Juice. Enjoy!

Success Story of Bliss Juicery and Their Cleanse ProgramIt has been almost 3 years since You have launched Bliss to the market. Right now it’s available in many England parts. However, there was time when Bliss was just in Your mind. Could you tell us the very beginning of Bliss? How did you came up with such idea?

I was really getting into juicing and was fascinated by how beneficial & convenient drinking fruit & vegetables was for you.  However it can be really time consuming to make your own being a mum so I’d look to buy some from the shops.  I was shocked by the offering and how high in sugar the ones on the shelf were and the lack of true products that contained a good amount of vegetable in, so I decide to make my own again and offering to to friends & family to get there thoughts…..and they loved them!

At the very beginning, what kind of difficulties did you expected during development and release of Bliss? What Bliss has that other brands don’t?

Bliss is a unique product in what is becoming a complex market, we’re keeping our message simple that fruit & vegetable juices are good for you in a balanced portion which keeps natural sugars & calories low.  We have as much as 50% lower natural sugar content than many of the brands on the shelf today, whilst maintain great, refreshing taste.

At the first sight it seems that Bliss target market should be young women, who are concerned about healthy lifestyle. Can you describe the “ideal consumer”?

Eventually we want everyone to be our customer but initially Our ideal consumer is someone who is conscious about the nutritional value of the products they eat & drink, so they can appreciate the uniqueness of Bliss in comparison to other brands.

Since Bliss has been in the market for almost 3 years, what was the hardest during this time? Did your predictions before release were right? Or did Bliss outcome your expectations?

The hardest is the education process that fruit & vegetable juices need to be balanced to be most beneficial to the consumer.  However with the amount of stuff in the public eye about sugar etc this is becoming easier.

Success Story of Bliss Juicery and Their Cleanse ProgramRight now Bliss available in England. Do you have ambitions to spread all over United Kingdom and even in other Europe countries? If so when do consumers could expect to be reached in other countries?

We’re totally commited to the UK at present and providing a valid solution to the confusion around the juice category at present.  We plan to reach other countries over the next few years but are solely focused on become a household name in the UK first.

Can you tell us more about juice cleanse system? If I am correct there are 4 different types of them. What differences do they have compering each other?

We actually have 5 juices for the cleanse, this range of ingredients provides such a mixture of vitamins & nutrients that compliment each other and are designed to restore and heal our most prized possession – ourselves!. Our juice cleanse is a simple way to bring yourself back the basics of life and food – incorporating all natural, easy-digested, nutrient-dense juices into your daily routine in the most convenient way possible.

Success Story of Bliss Juicery and Their Cleanse ProgramAs a young, beautiful woman, who was enough brave to start her own beverage business, what did you learned about yourself during this time? What advises could you give to our readers?

It’s all about belief, I know we have a unique product and can help many people enjoy the right kind of juice in the most convenient way possible. If your belief & passion for your product is strong enough then everything else is a bit easier.  You have to enjoy the journey (or rollercoaster some days) and to do that you have to believe you are helping making peoples lives better through your product.

Check out Bliss Juice website.

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