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Spindrift Unveils New “Half & Half”

Spindrift Unveils New "Half & Half"Spindrift, the first sparkling water flavored with only real ingredients, announces today their latest product innovation: Half & Half. Officially rolling out online and across shelves over the course of the next few months, Spindrift welcomes their latest sparkling water variety with an unveiling at this year’s Natural Products Expo West.

“Innovation is about bringing our real ingredient story to life to the delight of our fans. We wondered if we could improve upon a delicious Arnold Palmer but do it the Spindrift way,” says Founder & CEO Bill Creelman. “We spent two years finding a way to work with fresh brewed tea, which was a challenge, but the final result is incredibly rewarding.”

Spindrift’s unsweetened Half & Half is another milestone in the brand’s commitment towards innovation made from only fresh, real ingredients sourced from family farms – not a lab. Making a sparkling water with real brewed black tea and combining it with refreshing, fresh-squeezed lemons is their most unique product so far. Given the growing availability for Spindrift in upscale cafes and eateries, a sparkling water with tea is a natural fit as the perfect accompaniment for a healthy lunch.  In a category built on “flavors” made from artificial ingredients, “natural” oils and essences, this guarantees consumers an exclusively real alternative that tastes as refreshing as it feels.

“Other varieties of Half & Half have many ingredients and use flavorings,” says Creelman. “We’re proud to be the first to provide a clean, simple alternative made with only the ingredients on the label: sparkling water, real squeezed lemon, and fresh brewed black tea – that’s it.”

From the recent expansion in e-commerce with the launch of Spindrift Market, to expanding its innovation portfolio with new 16 oz. single serve offerings of signature flavors, Spindrift continues to trail blaze the sparkling water space with significant strides of growth. Most recently, the brand announced expanded distribution in key upscale retailers including Whole Foods, Starbucks and Kroger.

Source: Spindrift

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