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Bfresh Spitiko Enters Spanish Market via Torres Import

Bfresh Spitiko Enters Spanish Market via Torres ImportBfresh spitiko collaborate with Torres Import company to bring bfresh spitiko handmade beverages to Spanish market. The new strategic partnership with Spain’s national distributor of food and beverage products of high quality will reinforce the market penetration of bfresh spitiko into spanish HORECA network. The unique, freshly squeezed taste of bfresh handmade beverages are available in several spots of Spain territory. HORECA points such as cafes, restaurants and bars of Torres Import network will have the opportunity to bring to consumers a healthy, sugar-free, with no preservatives crafted beverage.

Everything about bfresh spitiko is unique, from its production process and selection of sun-kissed fruit to its innovative packaging ensuring fresh, natural taste. We’re committed to providing unparalleled quality to our consumers” said Vasileios Roubis, founder and CEO of bfresh spitiko. “bfresh spitiko product range will bring dynamic taste profiles into the spanish beverage category. We’re excited to bring these new offerings to artisan refreshments lovers everywhere.”

Unique tastes of bfresh spitiko products such as organic lemonade with agave & ginger and organic lemonade with agave & chilli align with Spanish consumers’ tastes. A growing demand for crafted and natural products across Spain is facilitating company’s entrance into the HORECA sector. This activity couldn’t be realized without the valuable support of a leader-company such as Torres Import.

Torres Import is a national distributor of food and beverage products of high quality; The Company was founded in 1978 and belongs to Miguel Torres SA group. The portfolio is composed with own products such as oils and vinegar, and other products imported. All under the slogan of offering to our customers the best products.

Through the partnership with bfresh spitiko, Torres Import is adding to its range of products, a new innovative product free from preservatives and sugar, which replies to the global concept of healthy lifestyle. At the same time, bfresh spitiko incorporates an additional strategic partner into HORECA that offer premium products to high-end spots of spanish market.

Source: Bfresh Spitiko

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