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Vote For Sibberi Tree Water At Voom 2016

Vote For Sibberi Tree Water At Voom 2016The first Tree Water company. Just as Evian brings water from mountains, Sibberi bring water from trees: Birch, Maple and Bamboo trees.

We are Sibberi

Tree water is simply pure tree sap, undiluted, unaltered. People are always surprised as they expect sap to be brown and sticky but for certain trees it just comes out as clear as water.

The first to introduce Birch Water to the UK last year, we are now launching two exciting new lines: Maple Water, and Bamboo Water. We are really pumped as this will be the first time the world will get a taste of Bamboo Water. All three tree waters are just as hydrating as coconut water, with up to four times less sugar. Sibberi is often refered to as a diet coconut.

Proving to be no fleeting trend, the popularity of Birch Water continues to rise. You can find Sibberi at the likes of Whole Foods Market, Vital Salad bar, Ocado, and Selfridges, and more recently Waitrose and very soon at Boots. Tree water is right on trend and Sibberi flies off the shelves.

Tree water is the ultimate solution to hydration. It is:

  1. Natural – it comes from trees
  2. Low in sugar – 4 times less than Coconut Water
  3. Sustainable – we only take 1 percent of the sap, it doesn’t harm the trees and there is enough for everyone

“This magic should be no secret! We are working hard on spreading the word through local partners and happenings but we have reached a point where it becomes complicated to send a message accross with such a small budget. Winning VOOM2016 is critical for Sibberi. It will allow us to put together the best marketing campaign we need to make an impact. We want to push the category and move the needle in the soft drink industry. We are going after giants and we need your vote.” – says Sibberi owners.

How does someone happen to start up a tree water company?

“Mehdi and I met at University studying engineering (and skiing!) in Grenoble, in the heart of the French Alps.

Inspired by tales of the health-giving properties of birch sap we embarked on a quest which lead us across Estonia and Latvia to find the pure, unsweetened sap unavailable in UK stores at the time. The moment we tasted fresh birch sap  we knew we wanted to share with everyone else.

We started back in 2014 working nights and weekends and quickly left our city jobs (finally) to put our first bottle on the shelves a few months later (thanks Peter) . Since then, we have moved offices 4 times, won the Unilever ‘Food for the future’ award and grew the team to 10 people all gathered around the idea that tree water should be a staple and available accross the UK.” – says Clara, co-founder of Sibberi.


Source: vmbvoom.com

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